Two-Step Vault & Inventor Updates in a Virtual Environment

A Customer Success Story with The MGS Group

Project Type

Product Upgrade & Migration



Customer Challenge

The MGS Group started as MGS Manufacturing, Inc., a small manufacturer in Rome, NY, specializing in tools and production machinery for the wire and cable industry. Decades of success, acquisition and expansion have grown the organization to a 70,000 square foot facility as well as branch locations Hall Industries in Connecticut and the Northampton Machine Company in the UK. Beyond servicing the power and communications industries, MGS now designs and crafts automated machinery solutions for automotive, medical, oil and gas, and other sectors as well. Recently, MGS determined they needed the latest versions of Autodesk Vault and Inventor to access more comprehensive features.

Project Goals

The Autodesk Data Management Server and Inventor supporting files that MGS maintains are integral to their manufacturing process. An update to Vault and Inventor from 2018 to the current 2021 release would therefore require Inventor style, template and standards libraries migrations as well as the incorporation of new styles. Finally, the update would have to be completed remotely during the COVID-19 lockdown to retain employee safety and wellbeing.


M2 Technologies was contracted to update the two platforms in a seamless manner that would allow MGS to continue meeting their end customer deadlines. For Vault, M2 consultants had to bring the software from 2018, to the 2020 version, then up to 2021 due to the migration path, all while certifying software and hardware requirements were met at each stage. In terms of Inventor, templates and styles had to be migrated and added to ensure MGS had access to the latest manufacturing content.

Business Outcomes

With the most recent versions of Vault and Inventor now available to MGS engineers, the company can continue to provide industry-leading, customized solutions for their clients. Also, conducting the update remotely allowed them to upgrade the software without either waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted or putting any of their employees at risk.


Proper planning and coordination between MGS and M2 quickly alleviated any concerns the engineering department may have experienced during an extended amount of downtime due to a complex data migration process. The two-step Autodesk Data Management Server Migration, SQL Update and Styles Migration was successfully completed virtually and in only one day. MGS clients experienced no delays and can now directly benefit from the latest Autodesk technology.

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