Streamlining Computer Generated Manufacturing Code via Comprehensive Product Training

A Customer Success Story with Madison Company

Project Type

Autodesk Fusion 360


Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing;
Switches and Sensors

Customer Challenge

Madison Company produces custom machined liquid level switches and sensors for a variety of industries. One of their primary operations is turning using CNC lathes which, without the use of a CAD program, requires manually generating the necessary G-code. This process is time consuming for the initial code and variations and is less accurate than computer generated code. While Madison would benefit from the use of 3D CAD software, the manufacturing team had little experience with these programs.

Project Goals

M2 Technologies’ consultants were requested for a 3-day virtual training to provide overview and insight into the necessary tools and operations with Autodesk Fusion 360.  Trainers would cover the design process to generate 3D models of parts, and the CAM workflow to develop the necessary G-code for the CNC machines. They would also need to integrate current Madison Company designs to highlight their specific workflows.


The 3-day virtual training was provided in six half-day installments. The course covered the Autodesk Fusion 360 user interface, Autodesk Fusion Teams, collaboration tools, form creation, milling, turning, and wrapped 4-axis milling. Two Madison Company parts were also demoed from model development to G-code generation.

Business Outcomes

Madison Company concluded the training with the necessary skills and understanding to begin utilizing Autodesk Fusion 360 in their milling and turning processes. The CAD-based workflow will reduce the time required to create and edit G-code and allow for more complex operations. Using the manufacturing tools turning and milling operations can easily be generated based on the model geometry edits to the model automatically update the operations.


By partnering with M2 Technologies, Madison Co. was able to receive 1-on-1 virtual training. They gained proficiency in the CAD basics, CAM tools and workflows for Autodesk Fusion 360. These tools and skills will help them to increase their efficiency and decrease the lead time on new designs.

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