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BIM for Manufacturing

Whether you design and manufacture construction equipment or generators, it all begins with your workflow. BIM is a means by which everyone can understand a building through the use of a digital model. By modeling an asset in digital form, it enables those who interact with the building to optimize their actions. Become a valued resource of knowledge with your designs and create new business opportunities.

A building product manufacturer that understands and can execute on BIM Mandates from clients creates significant competitive advantage. It provides an opportunity into connected system performance, allowing your products to be connected within a BIM Model so your customers can design and plan more sustainably.

BIM Content

Convert configurable 3D CAD models into BIM objects that make it easy for architects and contractors to specify the use of your products in their projects.

Providing BIM content makes it easier and more likely for customers to specify your products into their building projects. Learn how you can avoid the high costs of remodeling and outsourcing by automating product configuration and authoring BIM content directly from your existing 3D CAD models.

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Process Optimization

Connect with the full product design and development process to boost performance, reduce warranty issues, win bids and improve innovation.

Whether you design and manufacture construction equipment or generators, it all begins with your workflow. Our methodology, industry knowledge and superior understanding of technology allows us to deliver state of market tactics into your processes.

Let us help you manage your products digitally to improve collaboration between teams. Connect with the full product design and development process to boost performance, reduce warranty issues, win bids and improve innovation.


Let us leverage our combined experience to help you meet your production goals. We are resource to help coordinate, drive and implement your process improvements.

Data Management

Organizing Data & Documentation and creating process to ensure it’s credibility.

Data Management is more than storing a document. Data Management is about Corporate Security, Legal Liability & Intellectual Property. Each of which has a value; however, that value is seldom recognized until a file is copied, overwritten or lost.

With the need to collaborate with multiple parties all contributing to a projects goal, we can turn management into a life-cycle and ensure value through each step of your business practices.

Asset Management

In today’s world of meeting delivery schedules, ensuring your equipment performs to its full potential is absolutely necessary. Integrating adaptable technology with efficient processes can move a preventative maintenance program to the predictable maintenance program.

Connecting an Asset program with an Operations program can help you better schedule product runs, material deliveries and fulfillment requests. Extending that to financial systems can allow for better operations budgeting and depreciation costs.

With the amount of technology available, we can help select the right solution to meet your production needs and budget restraints. Combining this with an experienced consulting team and a proven implementation process, we can create an implementation that is predictable and scalable.

CAM Solutions

Whether your design tool of choice is Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, or Fusion 360, we have integrated CAM programming environments that are both powerful and easy to use.

Autodesk CAM solutions help you manufacture large molds, automate machining, integrate design with manufacturing, and much more.

  • Expert high-speed and multi-axis CAM software
  • Cloud powered CAM software
  • Prepare complex models for manufacture
  • Automated CAM software to make parts faster
  • Integrated CAM software
  • Optimize your manufacturing environment

Generative Design

Building product manufacturers have a unique opportunity to save manufacturing costs, streamline the design process, and produce more sustainable end products using Generative Design. With the right implementation and platform knowledge, manufacturers can effectively set parameters, like material type and manufacturing method, and allow algorithms to produce dozens of potential design options.

Rather than spending hours of time attempting to craft the ideal product, designers can let the Generative Design program automate this project phase. This allows manufacturing engineers to employ their expertise for fine-tuning resource efficiency or learn requirements, leading to truly innovative creations.


  • Increase Productivity
    • Multiple design solutions are available with the click of a button.
  • Improve Manufacturability
    • Improved product design could open possibilities for simpler manufacturing.
  • Design More Sustainably
    • Minimize waste, light-weight parts, and explore how more sustainable materials impact the final design.
  • Decrease Manufacturing Costs
    • Reduce design iterations, material consumption, and shipping costs.

  • Product & Parts Analysis
  • Manufacturing Methods & Workflow Analysis
  • Generative Design Guidance
  • Complete Generative Design Solution
  • Generative Design Stress Analysis
  • Manufacturing CAD Tools Integration Consulting
  • In-House Design
  • Additional CAD Tool Guidance

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