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Between the new data we’re all producing every second, and the way we make copies of it to work on, share, backup, and store offsite (just in case we lose every other copy), unstructured data volumes are completely out of control.

You, and your teams, just want to do what you’re best at, but right now, your data is getting in your way.

Managing file systems is harder than it needs to be, sharing files can be painfully slow, and retrieving files that lost, damaged or deleted consumes far more IT time than anybody wants to think about.

It doesn’t need to be like that!

You’re invited to a no-BS discussion on how replacing legacy storage with an elegant, next-generation data management solution for cloud-stored data can get your unstructured data under control by:

  • Reducing your unstructured data volumes (without byte of data)
  • Combining with cloud storage to replace cumbersome backup and DR processes
  • Empowering your teams to do their best work together, with file-sharing that’s so fast they might as well be sitting at the same desk

Speaker: Glen Shok, Director of Partner Alliances at Panzura

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