The Benefits of Using the Electrical Toolset in AutoCAD

Built specifically to create and modify electrical control designs, the Electrical toolset (previously referred to as AutoCAD Electrical) is now included as part of the AutoCAD including specialized toolsets offerings. Purpose-build electrical design tools that help eliminate errors and provide accurate information to manufacturing allow more time for design and engineering. This study details the productivity gains that users may experience when using AutoCAD with the Electrical toolset rather than just basic AutoCAD.

This study explores ten common design challenges and shows direct comparisons of the time and effort required to accomplish each specific task in basic AutoCAD versus with the Electrical toolset.

You will find that using the Electrical toolset:

  • Creating new designs was 84% faster
  • Editing existing designs was 77% faster
  • Risk of errors was greatly reduced because of a 67% reduction in the number of commands used
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