BIMrx Cloud Manager

BIM 360 Project Management Simplified.

Quickly and easily manage your BIM 360 projects.

BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro is an essential solution for BIM 360 Administrators to enable full data synchronization between BIM 360 and network or local storage. Save time and increase productivity by scheduling your project uploads, publishing, and downloads, while working within a single UI.

With BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro, you’ll no longer need to edit projects on an individual level or daily basis. Project managers can define and switch between multiple BIM 360 Hubs, bulk download projects from a single UI instead of swapping between platforms, and schedule jobs to servers across the network. The latest updates to BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro 25 furthers the integration between BIM 360 and BIMrx.

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Define and switch between multiple BIM 360  Hubs.


Define and access multiple servers running Cloud Manager


Copy Job feature added to job maintenance


Deploy scheduled jobs to external computers/servers across the network
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BIMrx Cloud Manager allows users to add documents to new and existing projects within a designated folder structure as well as display folders, documents and versions for specified projects. This information can then be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for reporting and collaboration.

Tasks like bulk project creation, file uploads and user creation are streamlined, and browsing is available for both local and cloud-based assets. The BIMrx Cloud Manager is essential for full data synchronization between BIM 360 and network or local storage.


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