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Michael A. DeLacey

Principal and CEO

Robin F. Adams


Matthew Burke


Why M2?

We’re a consulting firm focused on productivity, improving manufacturing process efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs. Using generative design, best in class manufacturing and asset management processes our team of industry experts can help you become more sustainable, more profitable and more prepared to meet the demands of urbanization and a rapidly changing world.

Our mission is simple, to help manufacturers design better products and increase market share by leveraging the industry leading engineering, design, process automation, and data management technologies.

We offer a wide range of services including BIM for Manufacturing, Software development, CAD management, Strategic Planning, Process Consulting, and Software Asset Management.

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Technologies and Methodologies


Special Hermetic Products

We have used the M2 team as our Autodesk provider for the past 15+ years and the entire experience working with these folks is superb. The staff and management is truly customer orientated. They think like a customer. The technical support, either thru e-mail, phone or live ‘Fast Support’ is stellar. M2 has been there for us every time.

Whelen Engineering Co.

I value the partnership we have with M2 Technologies. M2 is an invaluable asset for training, software implementation, tech tips and general overall support that makes my work better, more accurate, and efficient.

Prattville Machine & Tool Co.

M2’s professional, and extremely knowledgeable, team was able to transform my business. We are now able to provide our customers with extremely complex components in a short period of time, thanks to our ability to maximize the machines capability through CAM software. My only regret is that I did not find M2 Technologies sooner.


Trusted Partners

We work with a variety of software providers to ensure your company has the solutions it needs to succeed.