Support Services

Our free support with Autodesk Subscription helps you keep up with the daily challenge of running your business, managing projects, meeting deadlines and assuring workforce productivity. Our experience ensures that you’re back to work in the shortest time possible. Learn more about our support offers below or contact ust at 877.311.6284.

On-site Support

Frequently organizations struggle when their existing support mechanisms are disrupted. This can be the result of personnel changes, holidays, vacations, etc. To fill the gap M2 can offer on-site support help. This can be a critical role to maintain production schedules.

Web Support

M2 employs tools to extend support to a more interactive environment. We will work with your IT staff to identify the best means to allow design teams to use web tools to interact with our technical support team. Often times a web support session can be scheduled within a few short hours. This minimizes the need to exchange files to better visualize a solution.

Phone Support

Get answers to your technical questions from a pleasant, helpful expert as soon as you call or get a call back in as little as 15 minutes. We even schedule time to make proactive support calls to help you uncover and resolve small issues before they become big problems.

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