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How To Enable Absolute Cartesian Coordinates In AutoCAD 2012

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on Monday, 09 January 2012 in Autodesk Tips and Tricks

Issue: When trying to type in Absolute Coordinates, the values are seen as Relative Coordinates instead.

Solution: To resolve the issue, turn off the Dynamic Input feature.


1. Create a Circle with the center point located at 5,5 with a radius of .25.

2. Enable Dynamic Input by either F12 or selecting the Icon on the Status Bar.

3. Do the MOVE command and select the Circle.

4. Pick the Center of the Circle for the Base Point.

5. For the displacement, Type 0,0.

  • Notice that the Entry displays at the Cursor as shown below:

  • This is due to the Dynamic Input, which Locks the entry into a Relative Coordinate. After hitting Enter, notice that the command line displays @0,0 and the Circle did not move.

6. Disable the Dynamic Input by either F12 or selecting the Icon on the Status Bar.
Repeat steps 3 through 5.

7. Notice that the Entry is not at the Cursor and after hitting Enter the Center of the Circle is located at Absolute 0,0.

  • Also, the Command Line will show an Absolute Coordinate of 0,0.

Summary: If you type in an Absolute Coordinate and the Entry can be seen at the Cursor, the Entry will be seen as a Relative Coordinate. To correct the issue, Disable the Dynamic Input.

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